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Friday, February 6, 2009

'Let us not forget their names'

Feb 6, 09 9:28am

‘These four people have betrayed the trust of the rakyat. They will have to pay us back for their greed and avarice. It is not vengeance we seek but justice.'

On Perak gov't collapses - BN claims power

John Johnson: It is really disheartening to see that these four reps who were chosen by the people to represent go for monetary gain. Each of them would become instant millionaires, I presume.

These four people who betrayed the trust of the rakyat should feel the full wrath of the people as they are immoral people. Let us not forget their names. It is not vengeance we seek but justice.

They will have to pay us back for their greed and avarice. These four think they can fool the rakyat by saying they want to be independents and work for the people. What kind of story is this?

The people of Perak have been betrayed and these four will never be forgotten. There should now also be a law to prevent party-hopping so that there will be harsh sentences for people like these four.

ACS Ipoh Class of 1975: I am absolutely disgusted with the way BN have wrested power from PR. How can we let three people with dubious intentions decide who should rule Perak?

The only rightful and moral thing to do now is to go back to the people to seek a new mandate. The manner in which the Election Commission decided on the validity of the resignation letters of these three selfish politicians clearly demonstrates how biased the commission is and BN's soiled hands in engineering this decision.

Yesterday, was a very sad day for Perak and Malaysia as a whole. As a citizen of this country, I declare Feb 5, 2009 a day of mourning for Perak.

We will remember this day as the day when the rakyat were cheated by their elected representatives for the sake of money and personal benefits. Shame on you three.

Peter Lim Cheong Thye: I read the above report with disgust, anger and sadness. As a Malaysian, I had hoped that the March 8 election would have spurred a few changes to take place.

I'm afraid to say, we still have a long way to go. Umno has made absolutely zero changes. Only a pretence of changes.

To quote from someone very high up in CIMB - it is not the stimulus but the strategy that is important for the economy. Hear, hear.

It is not the reps who are important, but who they represent - the rakyat - who are important. Don't buy the reps - win over the rakyat.

So all you self-serving reps - please check your compass and get back to the rakyat.
Otherwise, please get out. Hee please take note.

Yuvan: It is outright shocking and disgusting that elected representatives switch their alliance in such a disgraceful manner. Don't they have any conscience at all?

Can they ever sleep peacefully after this episode of cheating the people who trusted and elected them?

Elected representatives (both from the ruling party and from the opposition) should openly apologise to their voters when they decide to switch their political allegiance.

They should also resign from their elected positions. Our politicians are not fit to talk about democracy and democratic processes. Allowing people to elect their representatives is democracy.

But pinching elected reps (especially under very dubious circumstances) to grab power and then talk about democracy is downright shameful.

And Umno has shown once again that it has absolutely no decency or decorum by its whole -hearted acceptance of corrupt leaders and those facing corruption charges.

This proves beyond any doubt that leaders in Umno are willing to do anything to grab power and to remain in power and they don't care a damn about it. It is only fair that the people of Perak are given another chance to elect their new government.

Kaisim: Malaysians have witnessed how Umno leaders used underhanded means to bring down a legitimate state government. Many of us believe that big money is involved.

So politics in Malaysia means the ability to make a good fortune before retirement. Corruption is rampant in politics, business and in the bureaucracy.

Here we have two politicians who have been charged with corruption but are readily accepted by Umno. What is the moral in accepting people with dubious character?

Right or wrong, the international community would not be comfortable with what our government does in the future. Worse still, our leaders could not be trusted.

Umno has never given the Pakatan Rakyat Perak government a chance to run the state properly from day one. They undermined and criticised the PR leaders not mindful that their government is only a few months old.

Umno has been a poor loser all the way. To win by hook or crook does not gain respect from the people. Our politicians have a long way to go. For the nation's sake, don't pawn the country just for the sake of money.

Lim Keat Hoe: The biggest losers are the voters in those constituencies which voted for the PKR and DAP.

Anwar has been beaten in his own game at Perak but it is a very sad day for democratic ideals.

The people's wishes have been horse-traded on the alter of greed and power, even if none other than the PM-in-waiting declares no money was involved.

Every photo with Hee Yit Foong in it shows her with the same demeanour, a picture of a troubled person with a guilty conscience. Unlike all her extremely happy and smiling new boss and new found comrades.

CH Ong: As for Nasarudin Hashim, I suspect he never had any actual intention of defecting.

More likely, his act was part of a scheme leading to the planned collapse of the Perak government so that Najib could rightfully claim that, ‘We did not start this'.

Magnill: The present crisis in the Perak can only be resolved by the ballot box. The following are my reasons for the above stand.

Two of the three independents are currently facing corruption charges in the courts. What if the two facing corruption charges are found guilty and required to vacate their seats?

And if the two are found not guilty, what will be the impression of our judiciary which is already facing accusations of being tainted?

Only the rakyat has the right to choose the government of the day and not a government choose another government.

Fergus: Let's be honest, people. How many of us waited with baited breath as Anwar talked last year about having enough MPs in his hands to force a federal government change?

It's easy for us to condemn the four assembley persons and Najib for what they've orchestrated, but can we seriously say that the moral ground is any higher than Pakatan wanting to pinch democratically elected BN MPs?

I always thought it works like this - you live by the sword, you die by the sword. And our sword should never have been about enticing elected BN people to cross over.

So I urge our leaders in Pakatan to stop playing that game. It will return to haunt you, and it already has.

When the moral sentiment wears off and big money is flung around, you will not survive by it. Let's take this nation democratically. Let's not be like them.

Eternal Optimist: One thing is certain - the way in which BN have apparently regained Perak leaves a bitter taste. Other readers have deliberated this fact exhaustively.

Still, I am left wondering if the same reactions would have been heard if Pakatan had won over a BN state, or even the federal government, in them same manner as DSAI had so boldly championed before this.

I'd like to think that the public would have reacted in a similar manner, even if it appeared as though there was relatively little hue and cry when PR and DSAI first promoted 'party-hopping' as their strategy for gaining power.

Ahmad Kamal: The whole episode scandalises the character of democracy in Malaysia with the Election Commission hands sullied. Its corrupt business as usual as Malaysia's right-minded citizens know.

The EC had supported gerrymandering by delineation of electoral constituencies since Merdeka Day, turned a blind eye to corrupt practices which allowed the BN to rule for so long, made amendments to electoral laws to the convenience of BN.

The EC is nothing more than a machinery for the BN executive.

BN led by Pak Lah/Najib may accuse of Anwar as attempting a back-door approach to power last year but it's well and fine when BN takes the plunge to subvert the voice of the people who had voice their desire to be governed by Pakatan Rakyat in March 2008.

Crooks to the core, Umno does not recognise the sores on themselves. Probably the sores and the souls of these Hadhari Muslims have interfaced.

Malaysians, democrats, human rights defenders and voters must rise to do their utmost to protest this latest scourge in Malaysian politics.

The Silent Saint: A prostitute sells her body for money. What would you call a politician who sells himself/herself for money? Aren't they also prostitutes of a kind?

The three musketeers of Perak must go into the annals of the country as the most despicable people in society. If ever they stood for election again, they should lose their deposits.

The people of Perak should cast them and their families out in every way possible to teach them a lesson.

Akkumaran A Kamalakumaran: I am so disappointed and extremely angry with the ungrateful and corrupted 'frogs'. They are going to learn a big lesson from the rakyat in the next elections.

Najib had a 'devilish' look especially during the press conference on Wednesday. This is the first time that I am starting to dislike our soon-to-be prime minister. God help Malaysia.

Layman Analyst: The crossovers of the ex-PKR duo charged with corruption to BN will backfire on BN.

If the charges are dropped against this duo, the rakyat will believe that the MACC is not independent after all and Abdullah's reforms against corruption were empty promises after all. BN will suffer the next polls.

Many voters who voted for BN in the last general election and thought BN would change will vote for PR in the next election. But PR will need to convince the electorate that their elected representatives will not be enticed by money and crossover to the other side.

I think if PAS was to become more secular and focus on transparency, good governance, etc, and DAP could attract more professional Malays to their elected representatives and Pakatan convince the electorate that their representatives is will not cross over, BN will lose terribly in the next election.

The rakyat is watching closely as to what will happen on Feb 10 and to see if there is a valid trial for the two PKR reps who defected to BN.

MM: This recent episode of the crossover of the three Perak state assembly reps from from PKR and DAP smacks of a travesty of justice and of plain greed and selfish personal gains at the expense of the electorates fervent choice for change.

These individuals have demeaned their status in the eyes of the all freedom-loving citizens of Malaysia. They are a bunch of selfish and mean-spirited individuals out to make hay while the sun shines.

They have lowered the natural standards of fair play and accountability to the lowest level by their deceit and maneuvering for a few ochre.

Gary: We kept hearing from the ruling coalition that it is morally and spiritually wrong to hop from one party to another when Anwar Ibrahim threatened his Sept 16 plan.

Where are all those who mouthed all that moral noise now that the democratically-elected government of Perak has collapsed?

This is a country that isn't going anywhere with elected reps choosing money over the people who voted for them. It is a complete disgrace.

Shame on the DAP woman who even dared smile at a press conference with Najib. Does she not know shame? To me, she has sold out for personal gain.

This DAP woman has betrayed an entire people who voted for the party she represented. If she claimed to be an ‘independent', then why on earth is she even supporting BN and people like Najib?

I rest my case. I have given up hope but I know the next general elections will see Umno ‘close shop' for good.

Corporate Citizen: It is now apparent that Nasarudin Hashim's crossover was just part of the plan. It was only a distraction so that MB Nizar and PR leaders are kept busy priming their feathers while Najib raided the assembly persons.

The crossing over of PR reps is all about money, not principles. These ex-PR reps are now dead politically speaking in return for a one off payment.

They will never be elected again by the rakyat. Certainly Umno or MCA will give them a safe seat to contest in the next election if they are nominated at all.

The high handedness of Najib should be cursed and rejected by the rakyat in total. We should support change in Malaysia.

John Tan: Two of the 'defectors' have corruption charges hanging over them and if they are convicted of the charges, a by-election is inevitable.

The defectors claim to be 'independent' so this means that they should look into the interests of the people they represent and support policies which benefit the people they represent.

Aligning themselves to BN does not reflect their so-called 'independence'

One of the 'defectors' does an about turn and returns to his own party singing a different tune. It is highly likely this was done for personal gain rather than for the benefit of the people he represents.

With the question of his integrity hanging over him, can he be truly trusted to represent the people?

Sabahan: I wish what happened in Sabah in 1994 would not happen in Perak. I'm not sure what other Sabahans feel about 1994, but for me, it was very hurtful.

Why call for a general election if assembly persons can jump here and there after every election?
I feel cheated and heartbroken by these this type of politicians and I don't know what is our future if this is allowed to happen continuously.

I wish the opposition could also learn a lesson from this case. Stop taking assembly persons from BN any more.

Just show your good performance to the people and the people will send BN to the grave in the next election.

If it happens that BN takes over Perak, I hope Perakians will stand up and show the power of people to them.

Ling: While people are talking about BN using undemocratic ways to topple the Pakatan government in Perak, I would like to ask this question: Who started it all first after 8 March last year?

It was Anwar Ibrahim, the leader that you all treat as a hero. He started all this by trying to topple the federal government on Sept 16 last year.

Don't you think that he is a more dangerous leader for doing this at the federal level which would affect the whole country? Don't you think that he is more undemocratic when he asked more than 30 BN MPs to defect?

What would people have said if was indeed successful in claiming the federal government?

Well, I'm sure the people would still naVve enough to say that defections from BN are for the good of the while defections from Pakatan are because of money.

For me, politics is dirty wherever you go. BN is just applying the same tactics to Pakatan. The difference is that BN was successful while Pakatan failed in their earlier attempt.

I do agree that Perak's people have been robbed of their political rights. I just wonder what would these people think if Pakatan succeeded in toppling the federal government.

Ganasan Kailasanathan: I note with deep anger and frustration this drama created by Najib and Umno.

The Perakians have rejected you. Permatang Pauh and Penang have rejected you. And Terengganu, too, has rejected you by democratic means.

Now, you, Najib and Umno have stooped so low in trying to form an undemocratic government in Perak.

TM: How does the common citizen trust elected representatives who can go ‘missing' without explanation and then change manifestos at the drop of a hat?

Yet these are the same elected reps who say that they have the peoples' interests at heart. I will never vote for such a person come the next election.

If such party-hopping is allowed, then there is is no point in voting, because you vote for one platform but your elected rep provides you with another after he or she wins.

Perak Student: This is to remind the reps who crossed over to BN. The Perak citizens voted for Pakatan Rakyat on March 08, 2008.

Not for your face. Bear this in your mind.

Society Manner: The younger voters thought they have sent a loud and clear message to BN in the last general election. BN now tells them what is real politics, or rather, how dirty politics can be.

Many voters will be disappointed as they are still having the feeling that Malaysia's political scenario is changing and the rakyat know what they want, and they will see the changes in the country and have what they want.

The voters will slap BN again in any election that come their way.

Vijaya Kumar Muthiyah: The opposition just had the taste of their own bullet. The ‘hopping' was started by them when their leader claimed that there will be defections to enable Pakatan to form the federal government.

When the Umno assembly person in Perak crossed over to PKR last month, he was accepted. All the opposition leaders said positive thing about it. Nobody at that time called for a by-election or a fresh mandate.

Now, when this game has backfired on them, they are commenting that BN wants to form government by ‘hook or by crook'.

This is the true game of politics. I put my full trust in the Sultan of Perak on his decision whatever it should be.

However, under the current economic situation, a fresh election is just a waste of money. That budget can be part of a third stimulus package which is more critical now.

A stable political situation is required to ensure we go through this economic turmoil successfully.

I see there are some saying that Perak people have been ‘robbed' but wouldn't it be the same if the opposition had taken over the federal government through defections?

Fellow Malaysians, start to look the matter from a different perspective. For the record, I am a neutral person.

Angry Malaysian: I'm consulting my lawyer on whether to sue the EC and the federal government if they can topple the Perak government in this manner.

If that's the case, why bother to hold a general election? Why not you guys (PR and BN0 just toss a coin and see who should rule which state.

After that, just announce your results in the papers. The EC won't have to bother about how many legal voters didn't turn or how many people didn't register to vote.

Why should we care about a general election when it doesn't carry any meaning at all?

Malaysia Boleh: BN now has the majority of the assembly persons to form the next Perak government.

It doesn't matter whether the assemblymen and assemblywoman have no principles, are being charged with corruption, have betrayed their constituents or are untrustworthy etc.

After all, there is no anti-hopping law. Perak people will just have to wait for the next feneral election.

Vijayandhran Valayatham: The recent events in the Perak state government have revealed a critical flaw in the laws of this land. Firstly, an assemblyman (or woman) who resigns is not allowed to stand for elections for five years.

This encourages MPs and state assembly persons to merely ‘defect' rather than seek a fresh mandate under a different banner, which is the right thing to do, since they cannot resign and stand for elections.

Secondly, elected state representatives and members of parliament can switch parties, and in the case of Perak, change the entire state government without a single vote from the public being cast.

To think that an entire state government can change by the action of a handful of individuals is frightening, though not new in Malaysia.

To this end, I urge the lawmakers to amend the law (and constitution if necessary) to firstly mandate a by-election should an assembly person or MP switch parties.

Secondly, allow those who resign to stand for re-elections immediately, even if under a different banner.

To exclude the public from a change in government, even if it's technically legal, should not be allowed. As the saying goes, an unjust law is no law at all.

The right action to take now is to hold fresh elections in the state. This is the only way to respect the people's mandate and if the ‘defectors' are confident that they have the support of the people, then they should have no objections to fresh elections.

Paran Chinniah: Perak, as we all know was being run by the PR government since the last GE.

Now, just because three individuals have decided to make a decision on behalf of thousands who voted for PR, the state will be run by BN again.

Absurd. Millions spent, thousands voted and merely three individuals have changed it.

Vincent Cheah Chee Hoon: It is disheartening to watch that the people of Perak have been robbed by BN of their chance to elect their representatives.

If Umno can grab power by corrupt and immoral ways, why then why hold a general election in the first place?

The people of Perak have rejected BN. It is a disgrace to the power-crazy and corrupt BN to snatch control from the rightful holders.

I challenge Barisan Nasional to dissolve the Perak state assembly and face a snap election. Don't act as a coward but face reality.

BC: It may be all true that the move by BN is underhanded but have you all forgotten that Anwar Ibrahim attempted the very same thing last year?

Among all the views condemning BN, I have not heard a peep about this matter.

Pakatan Rakyat supporters, please don't practise double standards in judging our leaders - no matter which party they are in.

PR is just getting a taste of their own medicine and it looks like they don't like the taste too.

Yogaraj Ramanathan: God bless this country. Our politicians know no limits to how low to stoop in their attempts to consolidate power.

To hell with the citizens and the country.

So the political conglomerate of scoundrels get to taste power again and this time the citizens have no say as decreed by the ruler.

This is truly a great country for the greedy and the corrupt. Malaysia boleh.

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